Sunday, May 11, 2014

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Sadly for the drama quotient, life is just chugging along, and things at work have mellowed out considerably. Sunshine does a lot to end flu epidemics when people here decide to go outside and play, instead of all sit inside and share cooties.

I'm a little worried, because usually the one constant at work is suckiness in equal measure with sickness, but no complaints on that score. I just keep waiting for some enormous disaster to hit.

While we now have far less staff people to see far more patients (Hey, thanks, HopeyDopeyCare!) the numbers are still cruising in the happy days of spring trying to become summer. Next fall/winter will be another story.

And confounding all expectations, someone has evidently threatened biblical levels of wrath on the local university, famous for providing the staff at Callous Bastard Hospital with a weekly chance to play "Guess The Coed's BAC" in years past. I was almost at the point of offering to make their institution the subject of a weekly sojourn to the city council just to provide them with bad press, but it appears the local paramedics, FD, and PD were tres pissed off about things as well, and suggested to the dean of student affairs, and more importantly to their CFO, that they would start billing the university for every ambulance call after the first one for victims of ETOH, at a round cost of $2K/trip. That took all the fun out of things, and apparently The Word was passed to every frat, sorority, and dorm:
"Knock that shit off, knuckleheads, or daddy's getting your ass back after we expel you."

And people say today's kids can't learn!