Friday, September 1, 2017

Consequences, SLCPD


I've got all day to do this, Officer Jackboots.
See if I know how to leave a mark.

Dear Jackbooted Thugs: You're Officially Dead To Me

How about this one from Salt Lake City:
ER nurse refuses (per policy agreed upon by hospital and SLC PD) that she's not allowed to draw blood from an unconscious patient unless he gives consent (impossible), or the officer arrests him, or they get a warrant for the draw.

So, instead of making the arrest, or obtaining the requisite warrant, Officer Jackboots arrests the nurse in the ER!
For refusing to break the law, violate hospital policy, do something unethical, and commit both a civil rights violation and an act of battery on the patient.

Story link

God help you jackbooted thugs if you get shot or injured.
I won't. You're why.

I'll relent on one condition, and it's a package deal:

Drop all charges against this nurse.

Fire the officer(s) who arrested her, for cause, without benefits or pension.

Refer them for prosecution for false arrest, kidnapping, and violation of civil rights.

Demote his/her/their supervisors.

Make your entire department go through mandatory re-training on why this is recockulous.

Revoke all sovereign immunity, so the nurse, hospital, and all patients affected can sue the officer(s) in question, the city, and the SLPD, for whatever exorbitant civil damages multiple juries think are justified and fair. Something in the mid nine figure range looks appropriate based on the video.

Require your mayor, your police chief, the watch commander, and the supervising sergeant(s) of the officer(s) in question make a full, forthright, rapid, and public apology, on air and in writing, to that nurse, her co-workers, the patients, hospital, staff, and citizens of SLC for this egregious violation and badge-happy horseshit.

Otherwise, you're worse than the criminals you claim to protect us against.

And never, ever, ever, ever, EVER let this happen again.

Barring that response, PDQ, let me be the first to say that when someone shoots you, I'm giving out candy.
When you die, I'll send a note saying I heartily approve.
And I hope you suffer on the way.

You maybe think you have a big team? Wait until you see what a wall of scrubs looks like.
There are 2,000,000 nurses in this country, and that's before we get to doctors, PAs, techs, etc. You're not even in the same league.
You're about to be shat upon, from a great height.

UPDATE: From Comments:
"officer A$$H*le can be contacted @ 801-799-3100
and his supervisor can be contacted at 801-799-6397 "