Monday, February 18, 2013

Endangered species?

One thing that's boggled my mind since kicking off this blog, is the absolute dearth of actual ER nursing blogs.

Or at least, blogs that survive.

Even the ones I linked to are generally anything but regularly contributed to.
Maybe nurses don't make good electronic diarists, or maybe most of the people who actually work in the ER are just too ripped up most days to put a few words together. I don't know. I can certainly confess to feeling too tired to do much besides eat, shower, feed the cat, and sleep after a string of tough shifts.

Everybody's blog list I've run across has any number of blogs with dead links, from people who quit, logged off, ran out of things to say, or just never had time to start.

As I said, I don't have the answer to this, and it's like trying to study the sound of the bell that doesn't ring.

On the other hand, self-expression has never been one of my weak points. My friends laugh when someone describes me as "quiet" because it generally proves they either don't know me, or haven't known me very long, because I've been told that I talk too much since the second week of kindergarten. Maybe they were on to something.

My reason for holding it in so long now was a simple lack of internet access. Obviously, that's been remedied. It's just that I expected to find scores of people scribbling away, given how many of us there are, and instead what I find, internet-wide, probably wouldn't fill up a city bus.

It's just peculiar. Not X-Files peculiar, but definitely a little bit unnerving.
I haven't seen this much trouble finding an ER nurse since the last Saturday night shift of a three-day weekend.

At any rate, while now and then I may go a couple of days without anything bubbling up, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, as long as I'm breathing.


  1. Hey, I really dig your writing. It's smart, well written, entertaining, and so far you've delivered more than a few gems. It's much appreciated!

  2. I agree! I'm not in your field, so I'm enjoying learning more about it. Thank heaven for google--all the abbreviations are Sanskrit to the outsider!

  3. I just found your blog (clicked over from Lucrative Pain, I think). It is currently my favorite read, although I had a sad when I looked at the archive list and realized that while you are prolific, you only recently started. Keep up the good work!