Friday, November 22, 2013


"Flaming Hot Cheetos are bad, and lead to unnecessary ER visits."

Color me shocked! Shocked I say.

In other news, water is wet, fire burns, and it gets dark after sunset.

O, if only someone had perhaps mentioned this terrible affliction.

Oh wait, I did that, as has probably every nurse doing triage or treatment in any ED that sees kids with sign-in complaints for "abdominal pain" or "possible rectal bleeding."

But don't worry motherfathers, we buy our docs rubber gloves and surgilube by the case, so if you want your child serially introduced to the TSA standard pre-boarding rituals (and evidently, the Deming, NM PD Roadside Assistance Program), keep handing junior those little bags of flaming death, and see whether or not you pay my mortgage again this month.

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