Wednesday, August 6, 2014


"L" is for Lunch which
we're supposed to get.
Though in twenty years that
hasn't happened quite yet.


  1. LOL - our manager wants us to make sure we take our allotted 2 15's and one 30 min one - ya not happening.... so we've revolted and we simply take them all together and make it an hour break - at least we know that we get one... even if it is to just go in the back room and chart while we also stuff our faces! At least that way, someone ELSE is responsible for answering the bells and needy families

  2. Our breaks briefly got better after the hospital lost a class-action suit to the tune of 8 figures, but the minute things got tight, the first staff they did away with was the break nurse who was floated from zone to zone to make sure everyone could take their lunch break.

    Pretty much guaranteeing that in a few years, there'll be another class action lawsuit to the tune of 8 figures.

    Almost like the qualifying prerequisite to move into management is that one be too stupid to do the job.