Saturday, December 13, 2014

And As A Reminder

Here's the YouTubed home vid of a doc coming out of PPE isolation in W. Africa (in this case, for his last time). Note the process, and the fact that despite doing this one or more times a day while working there, the second safety monitor catches him a couple of times; also note the numerous times where he washes and re-washes and re-washes his gloved hands before touching the next item(s). The apron, goggles, and boots are re-used; everything else is toast after a single use, including both pairs of gloves, suit, and hood.

This is TIME's Person Of The Year, #30014. Now you have a taste for why.


  1. I watched a segment of Dr Oz show with Barbara Streisand discussing women and heart attacks. Doc Oz and Barbara put on rubber gloves to handle real human hearts a healthy one and a diseased one to see the difference in the size. I watched Barbara pull hers off, using a gloved hand to remove one glove and lay the glove on the table, then with her un gloved hand she pulled the other glove off fingers first bare handed.
    I waited for the shot where she put her hands finger first up to rub her nose but the camera angle quickly switched to Doc Oz. I suspect her handlers rushed in with all kinds of hand sanitizer to DECON Bab's fingers.
    Just goes to show no matter who or what you are stupidity can and will strike.
    Why didn't Doc Oz immediately step in and say, "wait Bab's, ya got stinky on your pinky now" and then educate the world about proper procedure in de gloving a nasty hand.

  2. A full decon shower is what's called for.