Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sierra Leone: Caught You, You Lying Mofos!

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FREETOWN (UK Guardian) - They send in surveillance officers to investigate homes where there have been deaths. They don’t get too close. “They do a clinical assessment from afar,” says Parkinson. It’s all run with military precision by the Sierra Leonean army. Grim scorecards on whiteboards are positioned around the room – the cases, the treatment beds available and the bodies.
Burials of Ebola victims recorded week-by-week.
Burials of Ebola victims recorded week-by-week. Photograph: Sarah Boseley
“For the last five weeks we have buried every body reported to us the same day,” says Parkinson. “But yesterday we left 43 bodies because the burial teams had not been paid.”
It keeps happening. Sometimes it’s the burial teams, sometimes the nurses and sometimes the ambulance workers. All are supposed to get extra danger money. Nobody seems to know whether the government can’t pay, won’t pay or is just bureaucratically bogged down. Whichever, it causes deadly delays. Two weeks ago, burial teams dumped highly infectious bodies – local people claimed as many as 15 – in the street outside a hospital gate in Kenema in the east of the country to make their point.

Nota bene that from Oct 24 - present, Sierra Leone has reported less than 600 Ebola victim deaths to WHO, as reflected in their stats column on the bottom of this Wikipedia page .
But as this snapshot from Sarah Boseley, author of the diary linked here recorded, Sierra Leone's Ebola crisis center recorded over 2600 burials by their own burial team members during this exact same time frame.
And, the story goes on to note, people are reportedly wandering off into the jungle to die, which persons aren't reflected in the burial numbers anywhere.
"People are afraid to report their numbers to the government. They are afraid to call the helpline. They are afraid they will be taken away to treatment centres and never see their families again. There are reports of people disappearing into the forest because they’d rather die with their family than be taken into a treatment site.”“It is a puzzle. We don’t know what it is. It is not a low death rate. It is probably the labs aren’t able to get swabs for all the dead bodies,” he says. That means they can’t be sure Ebola was the cause of death.
And there are many hidden deaths. “We have evidence that less than two-thirds of burials are being reported,” he said.
So they don't test the dead bodies, they simply cart them away post haste and shovel them under, same day.

Liberia is "solving" their crisis with a pencil eraser.
Sierra Leone is "solving" theirs with shovels.

Neither approach will do anything about Ebola, except insure it continues to spread in wider and wider circles.

So those 600-odd deaths? We have photographic evidence that the number of reported burials are 5-6X that many, and half as many again aren't being reported at all.

If we change Sierra Leone's death report numbers in accordance with that knowledge, we get an additional 4000 dead people, which brings their numbers much closer to reality as observed elsewhere. Then factor in the number of people who just wander out and die in the jungle (which ensures that the virus reservoir in the wild will be well-stocked for decades once various critters tear into the corpses).

And the lying m******f*****s sitting in those centers, their Western accomplices, and the morons in the media stand right in front of the tally boards they know to be lies, and just stare at them like deer in headlights, and can't seem to figure out what's going on.

Yeah, it's a real poser, you jackholes.

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