Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UN's Newest Fabulism

GENEVA ( Reuters) - Ebola is still spreading quickly in western Sierra Leone and deep in Guinea’s forested region, a senior UN official said on Tuesday.
“We know the outbreak is still flaming strongly in western Sierra Leone and some parts of the interior of Guinea. We can't rest, we still have to push on,” Nabarro told a news briefing in Geneva.
More foreign health workers are needed to combat the epidemic, especially in Sierra Leone where treatment centres are still opening and need expert staff, said David Nabarro, the UN Secretary General’s special envoy for Ebola.
So to recap from last Monday:
: the WHO hit all their targets for containing the outbreak
: except they didn't, because the numbers are ca-ca
: so the war is over, but they need more soldiers.

Got that?
And the minute our troops leave Liberia, they lose rapid lab turnaround, and even the official infection rate there skyrockets, and they still haven't figured out, in either Sierra Leone or Liberia, how to lure people into the ETUs now that everyone knows they're simply death houses (except for the 11% who survive despite zero medical intervention, just as they would at home). The only thing the ETUs stop is further spread by the infected, and the governments there are so mistrusted, the people would rather take their chances with Ebola than with what passes for government help there.


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