Saturday, March 2, 2013

Diagnosis Of The Week

Teenage male, suffering from closed head injury with no LOC, multiple contusions and abrasions, and two phalangeal fractures, secondary to testing out the nifty new 1/4 pipe plywood bike ramp he and his buddies built in the driveway, sans helmet, prior experience with helmets or ramps, or any other rationale for building it or trying it out other than "Because we could." Because 14 year olds are invincible and immortal.

Enterred onto tracker board as "Failure To Fly".

Attaboy from Rapid Track doc, golf clap from nurse, tech, and secretary.

Discharge Instructions: referred to warning on box of Superman Halloween costumes, given link to internet website of Hollywood Stuntmen's Association, and read riot act regarding lack of appropriate head protection.

Just doing my job, folks.

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