Monday, November 17, 2014

Custer Lives

The Minnesota National Guard's 34th Infantry Division headquarters and soldiers from 11 other states will deploy this spring to support U.S. Ebola response operations in West Africa, officials announced Sunday.
In all, about 2,100 soldiers from the National Guard and Army Reserve are expected to deploy to Liberia and Senegal to relieve troops who deployed to the region in September and October as part of Operation Bring Ebola Home.
If you live in Minnesota, or any of the 11 other states whose troops are being tapped for this clown show, be sure and write Sen. Al Franken, and tell him how much you can't wait for Johnny to come marching home - with Ebola.

                     And here's Johnny's C-in-C. Now you know why we're doing this.

                     "Happy Belated Veteran's Day, troops! I'll be on the golf course."


  1. Given that it seems likely that Ebola is in Guadalajara I don't think we need the National Guard to bring it here.

  2. Wait until the first active case crosses the southern US border.

  3. Isn't it great that they have organized a concert for Ebola relief:

    I am sore that Ebola is beaten now. We can all relax.

  4. India has a funny case:

  5. Yeah, I notice all the world hunger concerts solved that problem, too...