Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mali Hits It Outta The Park: 42 Ebola Cases Overnight!

Remain calm! ALL IS WELL!!!

h/t to commenter mike 18xx

So much for 4 cases: Mali is sitting on 42 Ebola cases, all essentially the downstream result of washing the Ebola-laden corpse of a dead grand imam in capitol Bamako (Pop. 2M). And actually, more "While they were whistling past the graveyard" rather than "overnight" strictly speaking. You can now cancel Christmas there, as the contacts of 42 people, versus 4, and now at one to three weeks downstream, means any hope for getting ahead of this in that country is weeks away, if they ever even can get ahead of it.

If they fail, Mali has 16M people, in essentially the same situation as the first three affected nations, except they have no outside aid, no outside reserves available to deploy, and oh, BTW, they're still engaged with an active rebel insurgency.

If you get in a balloon, and take binoculars, you might be able to still see how far beyond "F***ED" Mali is.

And lest we forget, no one is screening passengers from Mali, and there are no flight restrictions or international quarantines on travelers from there as of yet, here or in any other country in the world (except for Mauritania, to the west, and Uzbekistan).

Mali government report pdf en Francais

Mali SitRep en Englais:
"If you pointy-headed idjits wasn't fondling Ebola-infected dead people, ya wouldn't all be crapping your guts out, now wouldja?"
UPDATE: Hey, look, someone at the CDC was working on the weekend:
 Nov 16 (Reuters) - The United States will begin enhanced screening for travelers whose trips started in the African nation of Mali, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security said on Sunday.

The CDC recommended adding Mali to the list of countries whose travelers undergo heightened screening because there had been a number of confirmed cases of Ebola there in recent days, the agencies said in a statement. Travelers from Mali will face the same screening as those from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.


  1. Ansar dine (or whatever they call themselves today) are pretty segregated from the loyalist Malians, however they are a truly nomadic lot who don't recognize a border except the Sahara
    Cases who pick it up in Mali will drop in Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and every where in between.

  2. Reading the report with my limited French suggests that they have listed 359 contacts.

  3. As is ll the other problems besetting the Islamic world it's Allah's will, yet no doubt before it's all over it will become the fault of the Jews.