Saturday, November 1, 2014

So Much For "Any Hospital Can Do This Now" Happygas

(NBC News) New guidelines for the personal protective equipment that health workers should have on when treating Ebola patients make clear that what you wear counts — but even more important is how you put it on and take it off.
And the guidelines that the World Health Organization updated Friday suggest only highly trained medical professionals should be taking on the dangerous job of caring for Ebola patients, say the country’s leading doctors at the National Institutes of Health.        

“Anybody could do this, but the training process is something that takes a lot of time,” Dr. Francis Collins, who heads the National Institutes of Health, told NBC News in an interview.

Treating Ebola patients does not have to be dangerous, Collins said. “But it takes a lot of time to make it safe.”
That was obvious in a demonstration given this week at the NIH clinical center, where Dallas nurse Nina Pham was cared for until she was released earlier this month. It took a full 10 minutes to gear up Kevin Barrett, a specialist nurse who helped care for Pham.
So, it only took two different import patients, two additional hospital-acquired infections, forty false alarms, a few million dollars in direct healthcare costs, tens of millions in opportunity costs for jetliners and cruise ships pulled off-line, and several thousand people quarantined voluntarily for surveillance monitoring, to figure out that the CDC director, the NIAID director, the White House Press Secretary, The DHS national security assistant, and The President were all talking out their back ends for two or three months.

                              As Borat would say,

It's a good thing this wasn't over anything important.

Now that we know how to dress to treat it, WHAT are we doing to keep it from getting here in the first place?

Oh yeah, that would be NOTHING.

I feel so safe now!


  1. Experts predict up t 130 cases by year end:

    That is game over time if it happens.

    These are not public servants who talk shyte all the time, these are the real deal.

  2. However, spot the two errors in this small part of the article:

    The projections are complicated, but Ebola has been a fairly predictable virus - extremely infectious, contagious only through contact with body fluids, requiring no more than 21 days for symptoms to emerge.

    1. As if body fluids being a fluid cannot be easy to aerosol into a fine mist.

  3. Number five of the ways Ebola can kill you.........
    5. Stubborn refusal to admit they are wrong.
    Number six?
    6. Refusal to change the SoP per indications the old SoP is dangerous and wrong.
    At this stage it's clear Ebola must be telepathic because it gets people to literally get them selves infected.

  4. I think it's important to state both my grandson's know enough about the Ebola situation to make rational and logical conclusions and what should be done.
    If children in their schools are freely talking about the Ebola outbreak then a lot more than a few people know about the score and what's being perpetrated on us.
    That gives me hope and if similar Nation wide spells the end of any CYA by the government, too many people are aware and following the events.

  5. Remember how Nigeria claimed to have their Ebola outbreak under control?

    Well, they also claimed to have brokered a deal with Boko Harem to return those 200 girls as well.

  6. And now FEMA is training to take over all our jobs in case of a pandemic.

    1. Good, they already know how to shovel horse shit.

  7. Liberian woman in Oregon no longer has fever it is claimed, but it is sad that these stupid people think they can continue to put the rest of us at risk with impunity.

  8. Note that no one is talking about how she got from one of the five entry airports, to Portland OR, or about the hundred(s) of people on her connecting flight(s).

    if she turns out to be negative, no worries. If she turns out to be positive, they all go on the next "recent contacts" list.

    And then the headless Chinese Fire Drill starts all over again, as the authorities try to play "catch-up".