Monday, November 24, 2014

Denial In Mali, Not Just A River In Egypt

BAMAKO (Reuters) - Mali said on Monday that another person had tested positive for the Ebola virus, bringing the total number of cases in the West African nation to eight.
The Malian government did not provide further details about the new case and how the person contracted the disease, but it came after another case was confirmed on Saturday.
It said both cases were at an Ebola treatment center.
If you're keeping score at home, it's doubled there three times in 6 weeks. True to form, mostly among health care workers, which their nation doesn't have a plethora of to begin with. And those are just the exposures they think they know about. And their borders are still wide open to Guinea and Liberia, because they're a land-locked nation.

That works both ways, which must be a great comfort to those in the additional 5 countries they border on with no Ebola outbreak - yet.
"Wait, you're coming from WHERE?"

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  1. Dang a Bang Bang gun!
    No mag I hazard the guess they have Barney Fife as their hero?