Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mali: Ripples Continue Outward

(WHO) - Mali’s Ministry of Health has confirmed an additional 2 new cases of Ebola virus disease. The first, confirmed on 22 November, occurred in the 23-year-old fiancée of the 25-year-old nurse who attended the Grand Imam from Guinea (the index case in this outbreak) and died of Ebola on 11 November.The young woman developed symptoms on 19 November and, on 20 November, was hospitalized in isolation at Bamako’s Ebola treatment centre, a new facility which opened last week.
Because of her association with the nurse, most of her close contacts were already under surveillance. Her case was detected early in the disease course. Her quick isolation has further reduced opportunities for community exposures.
The second new case is part of a family of previously confirmed and deceased patients. The 27-year-old man lost his mother and half-brother to Ebola.
He developed symptoms on 19 November and was admitted for treatment at the new facility on 24 November.

So they're now on tier three of infections, and the second new case was wandering around loose and symptomatic in Bamako for five additional days.

That will work out well.


  1. Having read the book The Biology of Plagues (which makes a very good case that the Black Death was some sort of hemorrhagic plague not Bubonic Plague--although there were some Bubonic Plague outbreaks that we know of from DNA evidence) this all looks like the Black Death again in characteristics.

    It is notable as well that the Wiki page on the Ebola outbreak is now coyly saying:

    These reflect official confirmations only. The actual numbers are estimated to be higher.

    They used to be saying that the actual numbers were likely 3 times higher.

  2. New, larger aircraft being outfitted as Ebola (Patient) Carriers

  3. That's probably because the German military's air fleet is so infamously decrepit. I doubt it would make sense to try to outfit one of their planes for Ebola transport duty.