Saturday, November 1, 2014

Math Just Is

Epidemics are, first and foremost, a math problem: how many people, infected how fast, increasing at what rate. It's not daunting, but some peoples' eyes glaze over at anything beyond checkbook math. But one good instructor can solve that with a clear explanation.

From Frozen Patriot, and posted at WRSA, a short, simple, and laser-beam clear explanation of the math underlying this outbreak:

                                                             Math Just Is.

Go there, and Read The Whole Thing.

Then, make appropriate plans, based on the implications for your own life.


  1. I let the grandson at 13 see the graph and do the math, he is good at math and he said yes this is correct but the graph is a line graph and needs to be more of an exponential wave. Then he said, Paw Paw at the end there should be a greater climb to infinity upwards.
    Looks like this is as correct as it can get!

  2. By the way, both Grandson's have heard about Ms. Hickox antics, from school no less and the youngest is only nine and gets the message.