Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Go, Team Fidel!

Nov 19 (Reuters) - A Cuban doctor treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the disease and was being sent to Geneva for treatment, officials said, the first Cuban known to have contracted the potentially deadly hemorrhagic fever.The doctor, identified by Cuba's official website Cubadebate on Tuesday as Felix Baez, is one of 165 Cuban doctors and nurses treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. They have been there since early October.
So, for the record, that means it took Cuba exactly twice as long to spread Ebola to their people in Africa as it did for us in Dallas in a "first-world" healthcare setting.

One can only wonder how many of these before the ardor for spreading the People's Glorious Medical Socialism will cool.

But at this rate, inside a year, 5-10% of their medical contingent will have been infected.


  1. Witness claims she was bleeding from the face, mouth and nose when she died ... but the authorities seem to be covering it up.

    She might well have died from a heart attack if the virus had got to her heart. She might have been one of those asymptomatic people that we have heard about.

    Then again, the witness might be lying.

  2. I would say this salon is history.
    Who will go there for a hair styling, manicure and ebola.

  3. Fort Hood getting ready:

  4. It seems like the supply of PPE is limited ...

    1. Now that is reassuring as fucking hell.