Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And The Backpedalling Begins

Breaking:WASHINGTON (USAToday) – The Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday that all travelers from Ebola outbreak countries in West Africa will be funneled through one of five U.S. airports with enhanced screening starting Wednesday.
Customs and Border Protection within the department began enhanced screening – checking the traveler's temperature and asking about possible exposure to Ebola – at New York's John F. Kennedy airport on Oct. 11.
Enhanced screening for travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea was expanded Oct. 16 to Washington's Dulles, Chicago's O'Hare, New Jersey's Newark and Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airports.
Those airports were supposed to screen 94% of the average 150 people per day arriving from the three countries. But lawmakers from other states asked for enhanced screening at their airports, too.
Some lawmakers have also called for more restrictions, such as suspending visas or simply denying entry at ports for citizens from the three countries.
Jeh Johnson, secretary of homeland security, announced that travelers from West Africa must arrive at one of the five airports starting Wednesday.
This would be about the 20th time the previous way of doing things in this crisis was so intelligent, it needed to be fixed.
It's now a short step to admitting - right after the next Ebola victim arrives here anyways, because you can't "screen" asymptomatic people to catch those with Ebola - that all future visas for those three countries will be cancelled, and admitting that anyone going there will need to proceed back through a mandatory quarantine stop.

Just like everyone with any common sense has been telling them all along.

No word on how the new rules will affect the 11M illegal aliens already here, or those who enter across the Mexican border essentially unhindered. Doubtless Jeh Johnson wasn't aware that we share a border with Mexico, and another one with Canada, and of course no comments on what happens when travelers decide to simply fly from Europe to Mexico City or Toronto, and then hop a bus or take a walk.

This may affect the planned executive amnesty order though.


  1. Yep, we still need to put 316 Million AMERICANS at risk in order to not inconvenience 50 or so NON-AMERICANS arriving from Africa everyday.

    Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

    Hey Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. If this goes bad, you own it - big time!

  2. http://www.the-american-interest.com/blog/2014/10/19/ebola-out-of-control/

    “I saw westerners in nightclubs, on beaches, guys picking up prostitutes,” he said. “Westerners who ought to know better are going to nightclubs and partying and dancing. It beggars belief. It’s scary.”

    These are the people who will likely bring Ebola back to the US.

  3. Nobody with symptomatic Ebola is partying down at any nightclub.

    You understand that the only way it gets into semen, etc. in the first place is that you have to get Ebola, then survive it (a 1:10 shot in Liberia), right?

    That's not so much a way for it to sneak in here, but it's a great way to kill dumbshits over there, and weed them out of the gene pool for good. Pretty much like HIV kills people, except without a 20-year waiting period.

    The even slight chance it might create more asymptomatic travelers is why anyone coming here from there should go through a mandatory quarantine before entry.

  4. "Nobody with symptomatic Ebola is partying down at any nightclub."

    Sure, but how sure are we that individuals who are not yet symptomatic are not infectious. Especially when such behavior is concerned.

  5. It has always been thus, and so is not any new sure-fire way for them to get it here. That's exactly how Duncan got here, so this isn't going to provide any additional way for them to arrive.

    As I said, it only means those imprudent over there are more likely to get it, and die from it, before they ever return. Natural selection firing on all 8 cylinders, if you ask me.

    On a human level, I'm glad they saved the NBC cameraman, both for him and his family. But on a coldly rational level, they just rescued another raging dumbass to live to breed more dumbasses, and spout to fluent dumbassery until his next escapade of stupidity.

  6. I can say right now this will work.........Just not at any of the places it's supposed too.
    Atlanta Airport?
    Fo' Shizzle you say?