Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stupid Leaves A Mark

Apparently in all her time in nursing school and the CDC, no one ever mentioned the concept that the state decides who gets quarantined, not the patients. That sting is reality smacking you in your stupid face, MiMi. Not STFU, call J. Noble Daggett, and see what your chances are in court of telling the state where to get off.
And as for your future professional career?
Sh'yeah, as if.
I hope you can survive on those no-salary volunteer gigs, because your next nursing job will be coming around somewhere close to 2078.
Attorneys for a nurse released from isolation in New Jersey after returning to the U.S. from West Africa say she will not comply with Maine health officials’ requirements that she remain under quarantine at home for 21 days.
“She doesn’t want to agree to continue to be confined to a residence beyond the two days,” Hyman said.
Maine health officials have said they expect Hickox to agree to be quarantined at her home until 21 days have passed since her last potential exposure to the virus. Twenty-one days is the maximum incubation period for the Ebola virus.
Early Tuesday evening, Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew noted at a hastily called news conference that the state has the authority to seek a court order to compel quarantine for individuals deemed a public health risk.
She did not address Hickox’s case directly, saying the state has not filed a court order.
Another attorney representing Hickox, New York civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel, said she would contest any potential court order requiring her quarantine at home.
Hickox’s boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, a University of Maine at Fort Kent nursing student, plans to join her and will not return to campus for the next 21 days, according to Raymond Phinney, associate dean of student life and development at the university.
Mayhew reinforced the state’s intent to prevent people who have been exposed to Ebola from contact with others during the news conference at the department’s offices in Bangor late Tuesday afternoon.
“The way that goes right now is that anybody who remains at home with an individual that is placed at risk, who’s had exposure, if that patient does become symptomatic, all family members must agree to go into quarantine for a 21-day period,” Mayhew said.
She acknowledged that the state’s protocols “may go slightly beyond the federal guidelines,” but described them as a common-sense approach to guard against a public health crisis.
“As we’ve indicated, the intent is to minimize public contact if they have family members who have become exposed to them and they later develop symptoms, those individuals would be subject to the 21-day quarantine.”
“If they had visitors, those visitors would be subject to the quarantine if the individual under quarantine develops symptoms,” Mayhew said.
“We will proceed with a court order to seek legal authority as provided under Maine law,” Mayhew said. “We expected that the Maine attorney general’s office will represent the Department of Health and Human Services in this avenue of pursuing a court order,” she said,.
“And I do want to comment a little bit on the science here,” Pinette said, referring to reports that the nurse had not tested positive for Ebola.
“The problem we’re faced with here is that this is a blood-borne pathogen,” Pinette said. “We don’t know a lot about this virus but we do know from the experiences learned in Texas that they had some equivocal tests within the first 72 hours of testing their health care workers and we need to go based on the facts.
“The fact of the matter is that it has a 21-day incubation period. This individual was tested within the first 24 to 48 hours and the federal CDC was in agreement with retesting the patient should she develop symptomatology,” she said, adding, “But they wanted to wait 72 hours and they wanted to continue to keep the individual under 21-day incubation period for monitoring because as the viral load increases, that is how you can develop a positive Ebola test.
“So we believe that she may have been tested too early and therefore that is the reason why we continue to monitor this individual. So I have to say, in my own clinical opinion, to protect the health and safety of even one Mainer, it is extremely important for us to be very, very cautious,” Pinette said.
And reverting to her base intelligence level (4 years old), Crybaby now has her very own Maine State Trooper contingent to help explain the facts of life to her, and friend boy won't be continuing in his nursing program. Those two developments alone should be no small comfort to lovers of sanity in this difficult crisis.

And when she has her ass legally handed to her and ends up with the choice between jail, or her cabin in Port Kent, the lightbulb may finally snap on over her head, and she might realize that "public" is the keyword in "public health nursing".

What an ever-loving embarrassment to an entire profession.


  1. I'd like to know how it is she is able to afford legal representation.

    I would guess these lawyers are either representing her gratis (Another attorney representing Hickox, New York civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel) or some person or organization is paying for this.

    So who are these organizations and what is their agenda?

    How is it that Hickox's civil rights are being held up over the civil rights of the rest of us who want to remain Ebola free and want our children to remain Ebola free?

    We have groups in this country working for the cause of big government socialism, and they have big money, and they spend it in all manner of ways. Pushing politicians and causes all over our society breaking the firewalls of our constitution and infringing on our natural rights; I for one would say that preventing the spread or Ebola into the general population seems to be something that is clearly covered by the commerce clause, especially seeing as how this Nurse has now crossed state borders.

    Or perhaps Roberts could justify quarantining this person by defining it as a tax!

    Follow the money.

  2. Oh look;

    "Hickox’s lawyer Norman Siegel, meanwhile, was an official guest at the White House State Dinner on Feb. 11, 2014, accompanying Jackie Robinson’s widow Rachel Robinson, who supported Siegel’s failed 2009 run for New York City Public Advocate. Siegel is the former director of the New York affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Siegel previously partnered with Al Sharpton to fight against a New York state proposal to keep a DNA database of felons."

    So it appears that this call to reject a quarantine in the case of this nurse is being pushed by an Obama connected ACLU lawyer.

    Remember, what we would really like to see is travel from Ebola impacted regions being shut down. That is close the damn borders.

    The statist needs to have open borders for one reason, illegal immigrants vote for statists; that's all there is to it.

    It's all about power. Your health, and your lives, and that of your children’s and others that you love and care for, are of no value whatsoever when it comes to the statist remaining firmly in charge of the federal government.

    1. Test case by the administration if and when the obvious first real case of transmission happens.
      The cry to close the borders will then be heard and there will be a reason for and a case against.
      If this nurse god forbid comes down sick with Ebola, the borders closing will be seriously examined.
      The Obama administration, cannot survive being seriously examined.

  3. None of this surprises me.
    The bigger point is this has gotten away from the folks in DC, and now the governors and the people aren't buying it, both hopeful signs.

    Tuesday is going to be an epic wakeup call.

    1. Actually the idea that she is a plant and has never even been to Africa, or perhaps she was but had no real contact with the disease is a possibility.

      The lawyers sure appeared in the story pretty fast.

      Having a very visible event like this, where the quarantine was called for, pushed back against, and then having it turn out she is virus free, would be a win for No-Quarantine-Obama and a win for the no borders crowd (the statists not the doctors).

      Furthermore, she seems perfectly content to walk around in sich defiance, almost like she knows she is virus free. She looks like the perfect person to have been picked for such a task...

      I certainly would not put this kind of deception and manipulation past them.

      Oh well, who knows.

    2. My money is on "entitled whiny jackass", but I don't rule out "Government shill" either, even if it's a serendipitous conjunction of interests.

      But after the spectacle of people riding subways, taking cruises, and flying back and forth scattering exposures to the four winds, her chances in real court with real judges runs to about 0%.

      No judge in Maine, not even a federal judge, wants to be The Judge Who Let Ebola Walk Around Town, and 21 days at home isn't like doing a stretch in Attica or Alcatraz.
      Which is what I suspect the court will tell her, if they don't simply choose to wait until she's already served her quarantine before even ruling.

      As noted, they turn her loose, and she's liable to have a string of "hunting accident" near misses on her front porch before the light bulb pops on.

      And until she steps outside, they don't even have to get a court order, and without that order her shysters have nothing to rail against, legally.

      Long as she stays inside, she can PW&M on TV all the live-long day, and only continue to embarass herself.

    3. Fort Kent is a town with a population of 4,087, the Mayor most likely is on the health department board if not the head is known to her as are her friends, family and neighbors.
      The blow back will get personal in this small town.
      I bet any lawyer she has will end up quarantined with her.

  4. Fruit bat carries Ebola!
    Nurse possibly infected suspected!
    Nurse bats away suggestions of quarantine!
    Clue bat employed against nurse!
    Hilarity ensues!