Saturday, October 18, 2014

EBOLA PPE Resources

Courtesy of one of the contributors at WRSA, here are two links to some great info on PPE for dealing with Ebola:

1. Medecins Sans Frontieres Ebola/FHF Handbook
This is their entire .pdf Filovirus Hemorhaggic Fever (FHF) guidebook.
The PPE donning procedures are in Annex 11.

2. The UNMC PPE Doning/Doffing Handouts
UNMC runs the Biocontainment Unit, the largest of the 4 BL4 isolation wards in the US. Both handouts are clickable posters that can be downloaded, in .pdf form.

If you work in healthcare in the U.S., you should get familiar with this stuff NOW, and not wait for your own facility to get off the dime. Learn it, love it, live it, and live.

And if they come out with something less than these protocols, you need to be ready to educate THEM, and raise hell if they try palming off some lesser protocol than this on you, because they won't be in the patients' rooms with you, and they won't be the ones sick in the ICU with Ebola if their lesser Magical mystery Plan goes sideways.

If you're not in healthcare, but you know someone who is, send 'em a link to it.
You might save a life.

Big shout out of thanks to WRSA, and the person who sent them the linked info.
They could do more good with this than the CDC has managed to do after we spent $10B on them.


  1. Drudge appears to be scaling back it Obola reporting, while Russia Today continues to bring new reports:

    1. Folks can handle only so much doom.
      After an hour of sinking on the Titanic the band started playing and I bet folks danced to the tunes.
      Once cold seawater was lapping the deck who cared about hearing the ship was sinking?

  2. Drudge doesn't report, he merely chooses what to link to.
    When his sources dry up, like they always do on weekends (even reporters like to have days off too), he's got nothing new to link to.

  3. Looks like US Forces in Africa will not be getting Haz Mat suits after all.
    The reason?
    The Command states the members of the 101st will NOT BE MEETING THE PEOPLE as if the people may not go along with that plan.
    As in war, the enemy gets a vote too so does the infected suspected who may want to meet these soldiers for what ever reasons.
    I bet the 101st won't even get full MOPP since Command is talking gloves and masks only.

  4. Cool.
    3000 new Ebola patients, taking out military units, ships, medical facilities, and maybe even some family and friends back home.

    What could go wrong with that?

  5. Meanwhile, the NY Port Authority has issued Ebola protection kits to its people:
    Notice how it fits nicely into a zipper-bag and contains a "disinfecting wipe"!

  6. A proper kit would need a backpack to fit into.

    That "kit" is like handing airline passengers two feathers for emergency exit from the plane in flight as a "safe landing kit".

  7. Also that disinfecting wipe is not impressive. How 'bout a kit that packs into a 5-gal bucket and includes the right amount of calcium hypochlorite powder to turn the bucket into a disinfecting station?

  8. A better option would be a jetpack to GTF away.

  9. When I was a kid in central Texas (near Bracken Cave - home of millions of bats), a big drilled-in lesson was to NEVER touch a downed bat. When a downed bat was found on the playground of our elem school, the janitor would come out with a blowtorch and incinerate it on the spot. No messing with picking it up or worrying about bagging it - rabies is too scary.

    I'm now thinking flame throwers could come in handy.