Tuesday, October 14, 2014

From an Internet acquaintance:

I asked, and now I received. Enjoy.


  1. From another blog:

    I have a friend (female) who works at a large hospital with *admissions* and it's her job to interview the people to see what kind of benefits and programs they might have available in order that the hospital gets paid.

    She said they'd discussed this, but they are currently NOT ALLOWED to ask any potential patient if they've been to Africa recently (especially the ones with Nigerian features and names/accent) because that would be discriminatory.

    This is so going to be fucking bad!

  2. Just wanted to share a link to a Forum thread that has reached similar conclusions:


  3. Reports of the boyfriend of the nurse also admitted to hospital with Ebola symptoms


  4. I just flamed them for that.

    Their story says he HAS symptoms, but the e-mail they're citing specifically says the guy was hospitalized for NO SYMPTOMS, purely as a precaution.

    The screenshot of the e-mail outting their douchbaggery is RIGHT IN THE SAME STORY (so apparently they don't even read their own stuff, or don't know how to read.)

    If they haven't fixed this in a reasonable timeframe, they're getting featured as the next fucktards du jour.

  5. As promised: