Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unpossible: Symptomatic patients found on Day One of new screenings

Still waiting to hear if they're Ebola carriers, or just more false alarms. Also no word on whether they'll be shipped back if positive, or whether the local taxpayers have just been voluntold to help share the load with Liberia.
Medical workers at University Hospital in Newark have isolated a sick passenger who landed at Newark Liberty Airport from Brussels and are evaluating him "as if he has Ebola" out of extreme caution, sources tell NBC 4 New York. 
The man, a Liberian national, had traveled from Liberia to Brussels before flying into Newark on United Airlines Flight 998 just before 1 p.m., Tuesday, officials said.
He waited in line with other passengers at the customs check-in, and then was singled out for  a health screening by agents because of his recent travel history, sources familiar with the screening said.
That's when officers discovered he had a fever, according to the sources. It's not clear if he was exhibiting any other symptoms of illness. 

1) So, what are the odds? 150 passengers per day, 5 airports, on the very first day of enhanced screening protocols, and they already have a hot one?
WHO KNEW?? (Oh that would still be "Everyone but the CDC and the rest of the Government.)
Anybody want to speculate how many of the 150/day (3600 or so since September 28th, when Duncan was diagnosed here) might have already gotten here?

Crickets. I hear crickets...

2) But wait! There's more!

Two people who arrived at O'Hare International Airport from Liberia have been placed under observation at Chicago hospitals, under the city's procedures for handling Ebola, after they fell ill during their flights, officials said.Health officials stressed that "at this time there have been no confirmed cases of Ebola and there is no threat to the general public."In fact, the officials said they decided against testing the two for Ebola after initial medical evaluations but did send them to Lurie Children's Hospital and Rush University Medical Center for observation.  They are being kept in isolation.
The two hospitals are among four in Chicago that have agreed to take Ebola patients from other hospitals and health care providers should any cases appear in the area.  The others are Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Chicago Medical Center.

How convenient that the two (one adult, and one child) are already at two of the four hospitals that "agreed" to take Ebola patients after "consultation" with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. It's Chicago, so I'm sure it's purely coincidental, and that all such helpfully recent consultations between Mayor Deadfish and the hospital officials involved were entirely courteous and cordial.

No word on how these three somehow escaped the ace passenger screeners in Liberia.


  1. So let me see if I have this straight. The flights originated from Liberia. They landed in Chicago. The passengers were sick in flight. After landing, they were sent to local hospitals. But they were NOT tested for Ebola??? A simple blood test??? WTF???

    I smell bullshit big time. I think they WERE tested for Ebola and the powers that be dont want the media breathlessly hanging around waiting for the results. That would be too truthful and transparent.

    Think it just might time we all stand up and say NO MORE FLIGHTS? I sure do.

    Don't you think it is a better strategy to quarantine them OVER THERE than over here??

    And why in the hell should America taxpayers be footing the medical bills on this? If we prevented them from coming over in the first place, we wouldn't have to do that.

    How about shipping the motherfuckers right back to Liberia?

  2. Entre Nous, n, I just hope they use Chemistry and Natural Science to check the Vital Signs on the Chicago adult, rather than Rolling the Bones like some Fly By Night Loser Slaughterhouse. Now that he's come HalfThe World and changed Hemispheres, this New World Man from an Alien Shore gets the Kid Glove treatment, Ceiling Unlimited.

    (Sorry, I'm from the '80s.)

  3. I stand slack jawed in amazement that we are not deluged with Ebola patients as it is.
    The question is, Why are more not turning up, dead and half alive?
    What or who is being hidden.

    1. Luck, ignorance and money

      Ebola is variously none existent or a US plot. No reason to flee, or flee to the US.

      $100 will get you smuggled from Nigeria to Spain or Italy. Its a lot more to fly I assume?

      When people start to run, it'll be when a third of the village is dead and buried.

    2. We're already getting 150 people/day. Even though only 0.1% of those countries' population is infected, that means just bare statistical averages are that we should expect one Ebola carrier every 7 days.

      So we're trusting to simple luck to keep them out at this point.

    3. Yep.
      There are never going to be planeloads of infected seeking treatment.
      The risk is a rich infectee or statistical certainty.

      The flights should be canceled, but not out of fear of planeloads of corpses arriving

  4. I don't think people are being hidden, rather, not many have thought to head to the US yet.

  5. I'm not worried about "planeloads of corpses".

    One asymptomatic guy, who infects 20 more people, and quietly dies at home in obscurity before we know he's got it is the problem.

    All we've done is duck a bullet while exposing our total lack of actual preparedness.