Thursday, October 30, 2014

Because Science

FORT KENT – Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, left their house Thursday morning, got on bicycles and headed down the road, with two state troopers following them.
Hickox and Wilbur pulled onto a snowmobile or bike trail. The troopers drove behind them but did not attempt to stop them.Hickox, who treated Ebola patients in West Africa, vowed Wednesday to wage a legal battle against Maine’s intention to enforce a 21-day quarantine with a court order.
Hickox and Wilbur addressed the media outside his house here Wednesday night, as local and state police watched from across the street.
“We have been in negotiations all day with the state of Maine and tried to resolve this amicably, but they are not allowing me to leave my house and interact with the public even though I am completely healthy and symptom-free,” Hickox said Wednesday. “I am frustrated by this fact, and I have been told that it is the attorney general’s intention to file legal action against me. And if this does occur, I will challenge the legal actions.”
Stephen Hyman, Hickox’s attorney, said Thursday morning that he had heard Hickox and Wilbur had left the house, and reiterated that she has every right to leave and the state has no legal authority to force her to stay in her house.

MiMi Crybaby's argument: Yes, I was exposed to rampant Ebola patients.
Yes, the disease can be contracted, and not manifest itself for 21 days.
No, it hasn't been 21 days since my last exposure yet.
Therefore, because science works differently for me, I should be at liberty to expose the entire area, because Constitution, bitchez!

State of Maine's argument: get your ass back in the house, until we're reasonably certain you aren't going to spread your cooties to the whole county. That would be a whole 'nuther 11 days, Dipshit. Qwitcherbitchin', put on your Big Girl pants, and stop acting like a farking moron.

If whatever state she allegedly holds a nursing license from doesn't take action to suspend or revoke hers, for demonstrated reckless disregard for the public's safety, and demonstrated inability to perform critical thinking skills materially related to the practice of nursing, they should show cause right now why they themselves shouldn't be removed from their positions immediately.

This is beyond mollycoddling this jackhole, it's gotten to criminal dereliction of duty.
It doesn't matter if she ends up not infected. The state is asking for and has the right to pro-actively quarantine someone based on reasonable potential for spreading a disease, in this case a deadly incurable pathogen. Crybaby meets that criteria, as Dr. Spencer's case from NYC demonstrates amply and beyond argument.

Friend-boy, not even a nurse yet, ought to be dropped from his nursing program for the same reasons, for the good of the entire profession. Neither one of them, nor even both combined, has the brains God gave a jackass.

And even odds somebody in Maine is going to start taking pot shots at them, quarantine or no.


  1. As was stated in another blog, Ms. Hickox may be free of Ebola because she never came within a mile of an Ebola patient, it could be she just partied and did admin work for the after Africa self congratulation crowd, she doesn't after all look or act the type to empty the multiple gallons of Ebola diarrhea from bedpans type.
    She is using this trip and the return for political gain and to score points against the Man's rules.
    I'd call her the John Kerry of Ebola service.
    She worked in Ebola infested West Africa but she didn't actually do any work with Ebola.

  2. The Sandra Fluke of Ebola is what she is being referred to.

  3. Did you catch the part where she was working for the CDC?