Sunday, October 26, 2014

And in the on-deck circle...Updated

Nineteen people are being isolated in home quarantine in Brisbane as a precaution against spreading the Ebola virus, as a teenage woman undergoes tests for the deadly disease in hospital. The 18-year-old is being kept in an isolation ward at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital after developing a fever yesterday.
She arrived in Australia 12 days ago from Conakry in Guinea, with eight members of her extended family, including six children.

Blood tests pending.
Australia's had 5/10/whatever number of false alarms over the past month or two.
Now they're waiting to find out if this one is the real deal or not.

You brought WHAT back from Africa??

UPDATE: An African girl who triggered an Ebola alert in Brisbane has tested negative for the virus, initial results show.
The 18-year-old girl had recently moved to Australia from West Africa with her family.
Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said three other families from West Africa were also being monitored in Queensland, precautions that authorities had also taken with regard to returning health workers.

And the rest of Asia isn't feeling too happy about their prospects if Ebola touches down there either:
SINGAPORE - The longer the Ebola outbreak rages in West Africa, the greater chance a traveler infected with the virus touches down in an Asian city.
How quickly any case is detected - and the measures taken once it is - will determine whether the virus takes hold in a region where billions live in poverty and public health systems are often very weak. Governments are ramping up response plans, stepping up surveillance at airports and considering quarantine measures. Still, health experts in the region's less developed countries fear any outbreak would be deadly and hard to contain.
"This is a non-treatable disease with a very high mortality rate. And even a country like the United States has not been able to completely prevent it," said Yatin Mehta, a critical care specialist at the Medanta Medicity hospital near New Delhi. "The government is trying. They are preparing and they are training, but our record of disaster management has been very poor in the past."

Pay attention to the Media Accidental Truth Thunderbolt Of The Day:
The only way of ensuring that the virus doesn't spread into a country is enforced quarantine for people coming from countries with an outbreak or - even more effective - a total travel ban.


  1. The only way of ensuring that the virus doesn't spread into a country is enforced quarantine for people coming from countries with an outbreak or - even more effective - a total travel ban.

    WHOOOA! Where did that one come from?

    1. Key words: ensure it doesn't spread. It almost sounds like the administration is doing what it can to ensure it DOES spread. Thoughts?

    2. I would describe it as careless and reckless indifference, at a bare minimum.

      I got into a vicious argument with a libtard over the whole ban-the-flights issue. I asked him how he could support Obama on this issue when the great weight of common sense is so clearly against him. He finally caved in and said Obama is doing what he is doing because Africans are "his people".

    3. The phrase I like, learned from Florida's 2nd degree murder definition, is a depraved indifference.

  2. But, but, but ...

    The city believes in a miracle cure:

  3. States' Ebola quarantines spark frustration, disagreement between feds, governors

    On one hand, we have these 3 states stating that protecting their citizens is their paramount obligation.

    On the other hand, we have the Feds stating that these types of measures will only discourage medical personnel from going to Africa where they are desperately needed.

    So who is right?

    The answer is, they both are.

    But we can only do one, so which one?

    There can be no question that protecting the health of AMERICAN citizens is trump.

    If that causes inconvenience for the medical personnel, that is unfortunate but a fact of life they are going to deal with. While they are to be admired for their contribution, that fact is that they are chasing a horse they aint never gonna catch, at least as far as Africa is concerned. And if they have a yearning desire to treat Ebola patients, unfortunately I think they will have their chance, right here in America, a lot sooner than any of would like.

  4. Aesop, Now Obola is sending some ambassador dipshit to Liberia/Guinea et al., for no stated purpose. No word on whether SHE will be subjected to quarantine on her return. If not, I hope she brings this little gift back to him.

  5. The official numbers now for 23-Oct-2014 are 10,141 cases with 4,922 deaths.

    These are likely vastly understated. If there is any less than 30,000 cases and 20,000 deaths so far I will be surprised.

  6. The girl in Brisbane has returned a negative test result, thank fuck for that. At least the precautions taken with her family seemed appropriate according to media reports.

    1. But of course now they just showed a government minister saying that they have every contingency covered, sigh.

  7. What about the rest of her family? Maybe they focused on the wrong person.