Monday, October 27, 2014

Crybaby 1, Fat Ass Idiot 0

New Jersey has decided to release a nurse who was fighting an order that forcibly quarantined her after she returned from Africa where she treated Ebola patients.
The release was announced this morning after Kaci Hickox, hired a lawyer to sue over her mandatory 21-day quarantine. Shortly before the decision by the New Jersey Health Department, the nurse said she hopes "this nightmare of mine and the fight that I’ve undertaken is not in vain.”
Hickox, who has tested negative for the lethal virus, was isolated under New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's policy of a 21-day mandatory quarantine for health care workers returning from helping Ebola patients in West Africa.

Any resemblance of $#!^ Chris Christie says to actual governmental policy is purely coincidental.

Apparently all you have to do to pull his pants down and take Christie's lunch money is whine at frequencies that make dogs howl in South Dakota.

Well done, Gov. Assclown, you've just lightened the GOP field for the 2016 elections by 350 pounds, and put 317M Americans at risk. But don't let that trouble you or anything, we're just pawns in game of life.

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