Sunday, October 12, 2014

Full Retard

And this thing has now gone full retard.

Ebola coming here is "highly unlikely"? Fail.
Screening measures will keep infected persons out? Fail.
American medical care is well-prepared to handle it? Fail.
Ebola is "hard to catch"? Fail.
CDC-guideline full PPE will protect healthcare workers? Fail.
"Any hospital with infectious patients can treat Ebola patients"? Fail.
Dallas officials and the CDC are working tirelessly to stop any further spread? Fail.
And we STILL aren't going to shut down flights, and impose a 21-day quarantine on all persons coming here from affected countries?? FAIL.

At this point, the nurse who's now presumptive US Patient #2 was in full PPE while caring for Duncan on his second visit, after his 9/28 admission. Evidently self-isolation/monitoring is a concept no one is clear on, because she exposed additional contacts; the Dallas FD Hazmat unit decon'ed all the public spaces around her apartment complex and her car (which she was travelling around in). Someone else will go in and decon her apartment directly (which involves essentially throwing everything she owns into hundreds of barrels, to be incinerated. No word on who's picking up the tab for this trip, but if you pay taxes in Texas, presumably, that'll be you.) 

And they've notified everyone in her neighborhood.

No telling what the sick call-off rate will be tomorrow at that hospital, but they've turned all ambulances away and closed their ER until further notice.
Which probably means it's presumptively contaminated too.
If your grannie was close-by, and having a heart attack later today, I hope the Duncan Ass-capades don't kill her too as collateral damage.
In case no one mentions it on the news, shutting down a 56-bed ER for a 968-bed acute care primary hospital in a major city is HUGE.

One more time:
This is just the beginning. And the officials and media have been lying to you every day in every way since this started.
Electing incompetent assclowns has consequences.

But if you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola.

So, hey, how 'bout that 3000-troop deployment to Liberia, to build too few treatment centers to matter, while risking infecting the troops, bringing the disease to entire units, ships, worldwide and stateside bases, and back to their families stateside, and then on to those local communities?
Bets, anyone?


  1. wow. you actually touched on something i've been thinking but didn't want to say out loud. this ebola is different and our forces going to africa will not be protected...they will get infected and instead of an aid mission we will be faced with the worst possible scenario.

    we will basically lose ships, planes and people for x-amount of time.

    what will that mean for a world on fire is beyond me, but globalization is committing suicide while everyone is seeking to save it...and all those nations that hate the US and say we're too involved in their affairs will finally get their wish.

    i see fortress America coming. the time of being silly and foolish is rapidly coming to an end. reality is about to reassert itself and the left will only have themselves to blame for a conservative reawakening.

    1. Not just a mass casualty event where there are some survivors, each infected ship, station is a Total loss even to follow on forces!
      A CV that has even a mild radiation accident/attack can wash down, clean up and repaint with lead paint BUT with Ebola the ship literally becomes a useless hulk, no Crew will serve aboard it.
      There is no possible need or mission for those Men and women, get them out of there now.

  2. preach. Mind you, I am *not* a Medical Professional (just a mere biology professor), but how far off the mark am I in thinking that so long as this doesn't get out of control ::snrk:: that we're going to be mostly ok?

    I mean, the 2009 flu epidemic showed that the US Health Infrastructure can't support that kind of a Medical Disaster. But this? Yeah, it's allegedly "not easy" to catch (but if you've got folks in full protective gear getting it, maybe we need to rethink that "not easy" aspect [unless, of course, that she actually contracted the disease *ELSEWHERE! * {DNA testing anybody? Did she actually get it from *HIM*???}])

    And even if it isn't, the CMR is .... um, ..... well .... {I'm sorry. I can't resist) a killer.

  3. Draconian quarantine and containment is the only way to be sure.
    Infected are on their own, suspected are separated and anyone who cares for either is quarantined also, that nurse should have never been allowed to leave the hospital after treating Duncan for at least 30 days as her co workers and the doctors.
    There ain't no Birkenhead rules aboard the SS Ebola.

  4. But, but:

    “Our staff has been carefully preparing over the last several weeks for situations like this, and today those preparations were put into practice,” Brewster said. “The actions by all emergency responders, including Braintree fire fighters and police and our EMS team, went exactly according to protocol.”

    According to here: