Wednesday, October 29, 2014


When asked about the documented plans to bring large numbers of infected foreign nationals here for Ebola treatment, White house and other government spokesmen went straight to the Pinocchio Strategy, followed by non-sequiturs, and then random incoherent word salad, and holding faked seizures in reserve in case of any future questions on the subject.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest (chosen for the job after a comprehensive search of birth certificates revealed there was no one in the country named Total Bullshitter) was quoted as saying "Many people difficulty strategy Ebola when nations highly unlikely, but never World Series help leadership seriousness."

White House Press Office assistants later issued a clarification, and stated that Earnest wasn't actually speaking on the record, he was just reading from a "Mad-Libs" pad he was buying for his nephew, and denied rumors that he'd hit his head with a hammer several times, and declared "totally categorically false" all suggestions that he might be having a stroke.

As the above link makes clear, you can believe the White House, or your lying eyes.

After the commercial, State Dept. announces their Workplace Ebonics Training was a success.


  1. They lie.

    Indeed, we already know this. But the real problem is more pernicious; not that they lie, but that they are allowed to get away with it by the complicit, water carrying media. The media for all intents and purposes is really an arm of the federal government, they work towards the same ends and actively cooperate (read, the media takes their orders from the state in the end).

    Thus, the "news" is just a docu-drama, presented as fact.

    What really worries me is not so much the things we know they are hiding and deceiving us about, but the things that are happening that we do not know about.

    Given the gravity and scope of the scandals and deceptions that are out there, the things they are successfully hiding must be pretty bad. Yes, I know that we can count on the state to be supremely incompetent and wasteful and careless. Nevertheless, underestimating your adversary is always a terrible idea.

    Sometimes a tinfoil hat isn't so silly...

    1. Yes, tinfoil hat is silly. And this is getting tiresome.

    2. Tiresome? What is getting tiresome?

      The leader of this country lies to the people, and allows unchecked illegal immigration, bringing 3rd world disease and crime into this country against the will of the people, not to mention actual laws.

      He ignores the constitution daily.

      And on top of that we now get Ebola.

      Oh and did I mention the lies?

      So if you have some issue with the points I am bringing up why don't you go ahead and say so.

      But when all you do is complain while making no point whatsoever, that to me is tiresome.

    3. Tinfoil hat?
      Bubba, the things that are happening in the real world that you do not know about would scare you shit less.
      Oppenheimer on the first detonation of the first atom bomb test thought the chances were very good that the chain reaction might not stop until the earth was destroyed...but.....he went ahead and set it off anyway.
      People did not know, and had they known would have been scared shit less.

  2. Ebola will be the Obama legacy.

    1. Aside from being the first black POTUS, Obama's name in history will be a footnote much as Jimmy Earl's is now.