Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Princess MiMi Crybaby About To Get Second Spanking

A nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa before being briefly and controversially quarantined in New Jersey could be the focus of a new battle over state health policy as she returns to her home state of Maine.
Kaci Hickox left a Newark hospital on Monday and was expected to arrive in the northern Maine town of Fort Kent early Tuesday. Maine health officials have already announced that Hickox is expected to comply with a 21-day voluntary in-home quarantine put in place by the state's governor, Paul LePage.
However, one of Hickox's lawyers, Steve Hyman, said he expected her to remain in seclusion for only the "next day or so" while he works with Maine health officials. He said he believes the state should follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that require only monitoring, not quarantine, for health care workers who show no symptoms after treating Ebola patients.

LePage defended the quarantine in a news release Monday, saying that state officials must be "vigilant in our duty to protect the health and safety of all Mainers." Adrienne Bennett, a spokeswoman for the governor, told the Portland Press Herald that authorities would take "appropriate action" if Hickox does not comply with the quarantine, though she did not specify what that action might be.
Word to your mother, MiMi: Maine isn't Joisy. That governor doesn't sound like you're getting his lunch money, and is about to jump on your stupid ass with both feet. And this time, it sounds like they won't send a spokeshole, they'll send armed deputies, and your ass will be nailed inside the damn house.
STFU and take your medicine, or your next quarantine may well be the new isolation bed in the county lockup.
State nursing licensure boards tend to view those sorts of legal entanglements as the sort of thing that has a direct bearing on your ongoing fitness and suitably for "the continued practice of nursing", in a professionally influential way.

And if friend-boy cohabitates with Hickox during her enforced quarantine, U. Maine-Fort Kent, where he's a nursing student, has announced they will refuse him access to campus, which will have a teensy affect on his continued nursing school education there. Like get him suspended and then dropped from the program, and have to ask for re-admission next semester, typically. He may not get back in for some time, given how impacted such programs are.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, kids.
And nota bene that despite screwing up the execution, the tally is now 9 states using the Q-word, while D.C. has dithered.


  1. The Hot Zone should be mandatory reading for her lawyers and all government officials. I just started it last night. It's like a predictor of the future. Except we are now in the future.

  2. Well, "he believes the state should follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that require only monitoring, not quarantine"

    There's a whole load of doublespeak in that sentence.

    Guidelines are not requirements, this is basic project management.

    And we all know when someone says 'should' they mean 'won't'.

    Oh, and we all need to remember how effective regulations and directives aimed at state functionaries work. IRS employees are governed by FISMA and required by law to retain emails and other correspondence. Apparently laws when applied to agents of the state somehow degrade to the status of 'guidelines that should be followed'.

    We are governed at all levels, from minor CDC functionaries all the way up, by supremely unserious people. I'm afraid this is all going to end up getting lots of people killed.

    1. "I'm afraid this is all going to end up getting lots of people killed."

      You're absolutely right. This is all part of Obama's agenda to destroy the country. All you have do is just watch what he does, instead of listening to what he says.

  3. Amazing how some medical professionals are willing to proactively fight ebola in Africa, but refuse to proactively fight it when they return to the US.

    Oh that's right, I forgot this bitch is really just a shill for the CDC.

  4. Idiot questions: How fast is the test for Ebola? And how many can an airport do in quantity? If the answers to those questions are reasonable (say, a couple of hours), could U.S. Customs require the test for all travelers coming from the infected countries in Africa? Ideas are to quickly find the infected and maybe relax quarantine requirement for people who test Ebola negative.

    - larry

  5. Did some research, and found some answers to my questions.

    Webpage: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/25/ask-well-ebola-testing-for-all-new-arrivals

    It looks like testing through U.S. Customs probably wouldn't work. Rapid, cheap tests only check for Ebola antibodies. Looking for the actual virus is harder. Tests cost $60 to $100 and take six hours. A new machine can do the test in one hour.

    - larry