Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rape Rape

Spot the meme, and find the flaw:
"We don't know what occurred in the care of the Index Patient, the original patient in Dallas. At some point, there was a breach in protocol, and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection," he said at a news conference Sunday. "The (Ebola treatment) protocols work. ... But we know that even a single lapse or breach can result in infection." - CDC Director Frieden.

The media has made their decision, because they have the reasoning skills of retarded chimpanzees:

Breach In Protocol Led To New Diagnosis, Says CDC Director - ABC
Officials said the nurse was wearing full protective gear while treating Duncan in quarantine at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, but somehow she got infected anyway, through what they said must have been a breach of Ebola safety protocol.
"This is because the healthcare workers who cared for this individual may have had a breach of the same nature of the individual who appears now to have a preliminary positive test." - Frieden, same press conference

 Officials Blame 'Breach of Protocol' For New Ebola Case - NBC News

Healthcare worker infected, "Clearly, There Was A Breach In Protocol" - CBS News

CDC Director Thomas Frieden told CBS' "Face The Nation" in an interview airing Sunday morning that the case is troubling "because clearly there was a breach in protocol.

Hospital worker infected by Ebola by 'breach in protocol', changes coming - Fox News

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Thomas Frieden, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, each said an unintentional breach occurred.

Now For Some Actual Facts:

CDC Court Jester Frieden has  absolutely no idea on the planet how the nurse got infected. HE EVEN SAID "WE DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED".
For everyone (including about 99.9% of the media) who flunked Critical Thinking every day since kindergarten, "We don't know what happened" invalidates everything else you say after that point on the subject of WHAT HAPPENED.

Lesson For the Day:
When you issue authoritative-sounding official statements upon subjects of which you admit no knowledge, you are properly understood by intelligent persons to be Speaking Out Of Your Ass.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director and Assistant Court Jester on Ebola, has absolutely no idea on the planet how the nurse got infected.

Nota bene that neither does Dallas County "Judge" Clay Jenkins, nor Texas Dept. of Health Commissioner Dr. David Lakey, nor any media reporter, nor any spokeshole for Texas Health Presbyterian, nor even the infected nurse herself.

When you say "We don't know what happened", and then you start adding "but somehow", you have just called in the Underpants Gnome to support your fanciful bucket of bullshit as if you actually knew something.

Now pay attention to what else you're hearing, in most cases for the first time, from media M.D. talking heads, and public assclowns like Fauci and Frieden:

* Hospitals aren't ready
* We're looking at the protocols
* Changes are coming

Those hospitals, "any" of which "can take care of Ebola patients", can't do that?!?
The protection protocols, the "totally effective" ones, are going to be changed?!?
Because they aren't working the way you all assured us they would?!?

Magicians do this too, it's called misdirection.
But they don't usually blame the bunny when the trick goes wrong, and when they saw the lady in half or skewer her with 27 swords, we sit still for it because we all understand they aren't really subjecting her to a horrible and painful death.

The nurse in Dallas isn't so lucky.

They have no fucking idea what caused her infection, and speaking from that abundance of acknowledged total official ignorance, they have unstintingly and wholeheartedly blamed her own assumed negligence for her current predicament, based upon no evidence whatsoever.
This is risible, except for the tragedy in question, and the actual human life now in the balance.

It couldn't possibly be some massive flaw in the protocols.
It couldn't possibly be anything else at all.
They know this because...they know this.
Because they know everything, even the things they just told you they don't know.

The CDC, an official arm of the federal government, has just authoritatively told everyone on national TV today, that this nurse got raped by Ebola, because of how she was dressed, and "She was ASKING for it!"

But wait, there's more!

This nurse was self-monitoring, because she wasn't even one of the 48 people Dallas officials are checking on twice daily as potential Ebola victims.

So Number One, that means they aren't watching any of the other healthcare workers along with her who cared for Duncan, supposedly at "no risk", and
Number Two, we're now left with the assurance that a nurse who, from her own professionalism, was monitoring herself without any supervision or oversight, and immediately presented for evaluation, the very evening she spiked a temperature, is supposed to be the one so careless that she infected herself with Ebola.

And if you can believe that, I have a bridge for sale. Cheap.

So the next question is, how many other healthcare workers are they not monitoring in Dallas, or anywhere else, who aren't on mandatory isolation to prevent spreading the disease to others?

And the ultimate questions: What new lies will they tell us all tomorrow?
And what unsubstantiated whoppers have they already inflicted on humanity since Day One?

We already see the nose. The only thing missing from these jackass geniuses now is the ears and tail.



  1. Meanwhile, in a Oct. 1 interview, Dr. David Grossman, head of the Lucas County Health Department (Toledo area), effectively said that he'd that he'd have no problem with a confirmed Ebola patient sneezing on him, "as long as you don't give me a kiss."

    These are the Top. Men. in charge.

  2. So I was just reading the local paper and there was an editorial by Laurie Garrett for Foreign Policy magazine titled "An Epidemic Of Fear". Now according to Laurie, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer, Americas unique vulnerability to contagious diseases is....

    Our health system.

    Yes, that is correct. If we were just more like Canada or Europe and anyone that had even the slightest symptoms of Ebola could go to the hospital and get care we wouldn't have a single concern. And its lack of insurance, or the co-payment that those with insurance have, that prevent us from being able stop Ebola in its tracks.

    Don't let a good crises go to waste. Everyone that has fought Obamacare will be the reason that there is an epidemic, not the government that did nothing to stop it from walking in our front door in the first place.

    Aesop, please take a look at the editorial, I'd like to see what you have to write about it. Thanks for both your blogs.

    Redshirt Guy

  3. What a great pep talk for medical staff
    If you die, we'll blame your stupity and screw your family out if death in service benefits.