Thursday, October 30, 2014

Irrelevant Clown Is Irrelevant

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that Americans may continue to see individual cases of Ebola in the United States until the outbreak in West Africa is contained.[1]Obama said it was essential the United States and other countries work to stop the Ebola outbreak at its source in Africa.[2]
Until the outbreak is stopped, he said, "we may still continue to see individual cases in America in the weeks and months ahead."[3]
"We can't hermetically seal ourselves off," he said at the White House.[4]
He said the U.S. healthcare system is proving to be well capable of handling those Americans who have contracted Ebola.[5]
[1] Because of the continued policy to use a known and proven ineffective procedure to screen patients, coupled with the blind pig-headed insistence on continuing to import more potential cases every day, forever.
[2] Because this is impossible and unreachable, as all efforts by everyone in the world, combined, to date have proven utterly futile and totally ineffective to even make so much as the smallest dent in the outbreak.
[3] Ibid. See Note 1.
[4] Because we refuse to try. See note 1.
[5] As demonstrated by spending $500,000 to not save Thomas Duncan, infect two additional nurses at unknown additional costs, have one nurse who was febrile (just not quite to the arbitrary temperature level set by the CDC) take two airline flights cross-country and expose hundreds of people nationwide to the disease, a doctor symptomatic for Ebola ride all over NY city and then lie about the fact to police and health authorities, another doctor under "voluntary" quarantine decide that going to the fast food drive-thru trumped science, a lab worker taking a cruise to Cancun, and now a nurse and her friend-boy nursing student flouting voluntary quarantine requests because the public's safety are less important to them than their own comfort and convenience, and all this while the two most prominent doctors in the country, at CDC and NIAID, have repeatedly misinformed and outright lied to the American public about what we know, what we can do, and how we should react -- O yeah, American health care has shown the world what we're "well capable" of doing when it counts. Represent, mofos.

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  1. All the Obama administration is good at is socialist street theater and propaganda.
    After a while everyone looks at what the reaction is to some crisis by them and plainly seeing the theater rightly believes it's all just a show for political gain.
    The Hickox nurse theater isn't about Ebola, nor disease and danger or panic it's about politics and supporting the ideology of the party in power.
    She doesn't care if she is contagious, nor does POTUS most likely she hasn't even been out of the Compound of the organization that is there treating ebola, she has the creds and medal she just didn't do any actual work and they know this.
    Therefore this is Kabuki theater for some political gain the administration is attempting to gather, what I cannot even dream of.
    I know if she gets to break quarantine then the next nurse/Doctor who may just be infected will get to break quarantine and then the results will be spun by the admin for another political point.
    Everyone is sending her problem to the next state, county and city, and finally she will be turned loose, she will win, what she expects to gain by this win I don't know.
    What possible gain is to be had by kicking the Ebola can down the road?
    What possible gain does her resistance to rules mean?
    When everyone is against her BUT Obama, the administration and the media what does that say?