Monday, October 13, 2014

Through The Looking Glass

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Queen of Hearts, Through The Looking-Glass

1. Continued air flights and entry of passengers from Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia pose no significant risk to the American people.

Well, yeah, except for the 50 people in Dallas sweating out isolation and surveillance, and a 20-something nurse infected with Ebola, and another contact she exposed. That we know of.

2. Additional screening measures will be enough to keep infected persons from entering the country.

Except for Thomas Duncan, and anyone like him, infected but not yet febrile and otherwise asymptomatic.

3. American hospitals are fully prepared to handle this infection, because first world health care here.

Other than not one single demonstrable success so far, that is.

4. Ebola is very hard to catch.

Look, which is it? "Hard to catch", or so easy to catch that a single "breach in protocol" while wearing full PPE puts you in immediate peril of dying a horrible death?

5. Any hospital can treat Ebola patients.

Imagine the surprise of those at Texas Health Presbyterian, when they acted like that was true. And the thousands of people (so far) affected by one single patient trying that theory out in the real world. Imagine how the next hospital to find out the truth is going to feel.

6. Current infectious protocol is sufficient to safeguard against the spread of the disease.

Except for trained professionals working in a first-tier hospital and following that very protocol. So, incidentally, if they can't deal with it for even two weeks successfully, what chance does that give the public at large?

So which is it?

Flights can't be no danger, and yet let a person walk right in and start spreading Ebola.

Screenings can't be effective, when they miss that very person, and untold numbers of future persons exactly like him.

Hospitals can't be ready, and yet screw up everything, every day, at every level.

Ebola can't be hard to catch, and simultaneously so easy to catch that the slightest single momentary lapse in procedure is a death sentence.

Ebola can't be just another infectious disease for any hospital, when even the CDC doesn't treat it that way.

The protocols can't be sufficient, if someone following them gets infected despite them.

Tom Frieden at CDC, and his twin sidekick Anthony Fauci at NIAID, have both parroted these same nonsensical platitudes tirelessly and ceaselessly, on every credulous TV interview and to every gullible newspaper scribe in the land, 24/7 since before Thomas Duncan arrived on our shores to unleash pestilence and chaos that hasn't been known here in most people's living memory.

And incredibly, these two can't seem to grasp that the lies they tell today contradict completely the lies they were telling yesterday or a week ago. It's like everything is new for them everyday: Baby Duck Syndrome.

When every single real-world example contradicts their every statement, pronouncement, and assurance they've issued, and totally undermined every argument they've made, you have to think that at some point, SOMEBODY in the media might stop slobbing the government's knob, actually do their jobs, and remember to perhaps call out this kind of Baghdad Bob fabulism as the pure undiluted BULLSHIT it's been on this subject, since these two government spokesholes first opened their mouths on it.

If only because they recall the Internet is forever, and we can call up and link to the articles and newsclips in about 0.2 seconds, at the speed of mouseclicks and electrons.

But if you believed that, so far you'd be wrong, and the media just sits there looking at you with a big smile, shrugging their shoulders, and standing on their own heads.


  1. Don't worry. Britain is prepared:

  2. Great comment..."But if you believed that, so far you'd be wrong, and the media just sits there looking at you with a big smile, shrugging their shoulders, and standing on their own heads." Not Greta, Fox...

    1. Notice that this doctor clarified the problem may be the CDC protocol of undressing is less rigorous than the one used in Africa. Very heartfelt words also from this wonderful professional woman.