Sunday, October 12, 2014

Soundtrack 4.0: Music To Treat Ebola By

"I Feel Fine" by the Beatles
"The Waiting" by Tom Petty
"Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) " by Robert Palmer
"I've Got You Under My Skin" by Frank Sinatra
"Toxic"  by Britney Spears
"Leave Me Alone" by Michael Jackson
"Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" by Johnny Rivers
"U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer
"Love Potion Number 9" by the Searchers
"Leave Me Alone" by Helen Reddy
"Your Love Is My Drug" by Ke$ha
"Doctor, Doctor" by the Thompson Twins
"Look But Don't Touch" by Katy Perry
"I Want A New Drug" by Huey Lewis and The News
"Feel A Whole Lot Better" by the Byrds
"Contagious" by the Isley Brothers
"You Look Like Something I Killed" by the Tangerines
"DOA" by Foo Fighters
"It's The End Of The World" by R.E.M.
"Run For Your Life" by the Beatles

h/t to Zebra Dun for the inspiration.


  1. I stand humble by your song list and vastly entertained!

  2. What about "It's The End Of the World And I Feel Fine" by R.E.M.?

    1. You're right, of course.

    2. I want a New Drug by Huey Lewis

  3. I thought I'd already used that one, but in looking over my previous soundtracks, I never did.
    Added. Thanks!