Friday, October 31, 2014

No Public Contact - Updated! - Twice!!

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who insists she is Ebola-free after a stint in West Africa helping people suffering from the deadly disease, can probably continue to ride her bike and go outside, but movies, shopping and riding the bus are out under a court order issued Friday by a judge in Maine.
Hickox had said she will defy the state's effort to impose a 21-day quarantine on her, prompting state officials to go to district court, where Judge Charles LaVerdiere ruled Friday that the nurse must face some restrictions. But the judge's order bars her from using "long distance commercial conveyances or local public conveyances," forbids her from showing up at shopping centers or movie theaters and mandates she maintains a three-foot distance from others when outside.
"This decision has critical implications for {Hickox's} freedom, as guaranteed by the U.S. and Maine Constitutions, as well as the public's right to be protected from the potential severe harm posed by transmission of this devastating disease," LaVerdiere wrote in the two-page decision.

Violate that one, MiMi Crybaby, and your next stop is the Graybar Motel.
Hopefully this gets the whiny self-entitled little jackass off the front page, and back in the oblivion she so richly deserves. Then maybe the media will start asking what her bosses knew, and when they knew it about her little crusade against common sense.

And in an epic move, the judge reversed HIMSELF.
I'm sure bending the entire stet over for the unelected minions of the CDC will sit real well at the State House and higher courts in Maine. Not.
So now Round Seven, at Tuesday's hearing.

Details, details:
Update II: Oh, BTW, MiMi Crybaby's roommate in Africa developed Ebola, from unknown contamination source. So maybe that explains the big pissy hurry for her to scurry back home to the USA and go hide out at the farmhouse.


  1. I'm no doctor. But I am a lawyer.

    Hickox is wrong on the law, should have her nursing license revoked, and her career is finished.

    Wrong on the law. If Hickox does not like her predicament, she a) file a lawsuit that the law, on these facts, should not be applied to her, or b) file a lawsuit that the quarantine law be declared unconstitutional and be thrown out in its entirety, or c) lobby her congressmen to have the law repealed. But she must continue to obey the quarantine until she is successful on one of the 3 options above. It is a well established legal principal that you can not disregard a law simply because you do not like it. We are a nation of laws, not of men. If there is no respect for the law, you will only have chaos.

    Revoke her nursing license. Hickox seems to forget that a nursing license, and any license for that matter, is a privilege and not a right. Licenses are given to those who both possess the requisite technical skills, AND the sufficient moral character. The fact that Kickox has not only disregarded the law (which she has) but also a also a law directly related to her chosen profession (nursing), is proof positive that she is woefully deficient in the moral character and good judgment that a license such as a nursing license demands. Protecting the public's interest demands that her nursing license be pulled. N-O-W.

    Career is finished. If worked as the HR director for a hospital, would you hire her? I sure wouldn't. If you were a patient, would you want her to be your nurse? I sure wouldn't.

    1. Career finished?
      Not likely I see her hosting a CNN science and health segment.
      They make her the new Ebola Czarina.
      Fo' Shizzle these folks are this stupid.

  2. Agreed, but she's a federal employee, and doubtless both her license, and her character deficiencies won't matter in any way whatsoever, as I don't see private sector work, or the need of it, anywhere in her option list.
    Incompetence and character deficiencies in D.C. are a positive career boon, in fact.

    1. I have no doubt in my mind that this was all pre-arranged and that she was assured a future with the CDC or some other federal agency at some level.

      You do not need qualifications or experience to succeed in government. Ideology is all that is necessary, al long as it's the right kind of ideology.

      Case in point, the new Ebola Czar is not a doctor or a scientist or any such thing. He is a bureaucrat.

  3. I heard the judge backed off and dropped all conditions, she is free to come and go at will.
    If this is so, then here is the perfect example of chickenshit.
    She still thinks she is a hero.

  4. CNN is ejaculating all over the air ways.
    It's all about science not fear they say.
    Kaci spoke truth to the man and won.
    They even asked her about trick or treat.
    "Happy Halloween"

  5. Yeah, he reversed himself.
    Brilliant, and tres PC.
    He just bent the State of Maine over, in deference to the unelected bureaucracy at CDC.
    That'll sit well with the state's elected assembly, and higher courts. Not.

    But there will be a full court hearing on Tuesday, and she still has another week on restrictions and monitoring after that.

    If this guy tries to gut the state's ability to protect the public's health and safety with quarantines, he's going to be as popular as the district attorney in Miracle on 34th Street.

    1. "Yeah, he reversed himself."

      Wow, that was fast. I wonder if he has adopted Irish children also.

      Wheels of justice and all.

      Not good.

    2. The public at large will show what the score is, do they welcome Kaci back with hugs and kisses along with trick or treating children or do they ring her property with pitchforks and tar?
      I bet some folks will go and show how progressive they are.
      There is a petition I read somewhere that is calling for her complete quarantine.
      Ideology meets Ebola, hilarity ensues.

    3. Nah; I suspect what you're reading buried (or deleted) the lede like the account I just read, "they" got to the state CDC. With the plaintiff saying "never mind" the judge didn't have any choice. Hopefully he can make that clear, the MSM isn't of course.

      You'll all be reassured that per the Maine CDC, they're now following the Federal standards on this....

    4. Ms. Hickox roommate in the hot zone has Ebola.

  6. Meanwhile in Africa........

  7. Spanish Intelligence (?) finds plans to weaponize Ebola

  8. Oh, from the link in update II "Pinette says “The respondents roommate in Africa became infected without knowing how she became infected with Ebola.".

    Really builds confidence in that whole "not airborne" idea.

    Boy, wouldn't it be nice if there was a group of people who were paid to research things, follow up on leads and other information seeking the truth and then to write about these things or to perhaps speak and present the results of this research in some way such that we the public had access to that information.

    Wouldn't that be a novel idea?

    Gosh, if only there were such people somewhere. Anywhere.

    Oh well.