Thursday, October 9, 2014

NOT This. Right Here.

As noted authorities like the Muppets have told us:

"One of these things is not like the other,
One of these things just doesn't belong..."

On the left, how to do it.
On the right, how NOT to do it.
As seen again even better here. (It's a bigger pic, you should go there, really.)

*(Names changed here out of sheer embarrassment at this spectacle.)

Nurse Intelligent, on the left, is wearing full head-to-toe protection from Ebola and/or infectious matter, including a respirator or HEPA filtration set up somewhere under that head cover with faceplate.

Nurse Future Ebola Victim, on the right, has no coverage of much of her face, hair, or shoes  (the linked NBC News article has a better view of both, head to toe) so blood-flecked cough spray, vomit splatter, diarrhea, or simple dripping blood from the patient or splashing onto the floor will contaminate her face or hair, where it can run into her eyes, nose, or mouth, underneath the non-compliant simple mask she's wearing, or soak into her street tennis shoes, and then be tracked everywhere she goes.

The hospital cafeteria.
The NY subway.
Home to her family.

Unfortunately, both were suited up for a photo op to demonstrate their hospital's preparedness for handling Ebola. (Pray you get the nurse on the left.)
And these idiots not only posed to demonstrate their hospital's preparedness, they're proud of it! (FACEPALM.)

One nurse with a documented competence, and one nurse with less sense than what God gives to jackasses in the barnyard. Represent, sisters.

(Word to your mother, Nurse Cupcake, this isn't cosplay, and the details are the difference between going home safely, and slow, lingering, horrible death from an incurable disease.)

Compare and contrast this with what it looks like done right. So either Nurse FEV is terminally stupid, or her co-workers just don't like her, and didn't bother to hook her up enough to save her life in the dressing process.

Do we get it yet, boys and girls??

Of course not. Because if the word was getting out, you wouldn't see this sort of assclownery on national news, in front of God and everybody.

*(Somebody may write or email Nurse Cupcake, and let her know her ass is showing. They may even tell her they found out about it because I was being mean to her on my blog. I do this because I'm not going to cover for life-threatening acts of stupid, and I Yell Because I Care. Smarten up, campers. You're not in nursing school any more, so there aren't any free mistakes. If the only thing hurt is your feelings, count your blessings.)


  1. And you know the sad thing, Nurse Prepared on the right -- is better dressed than most of the African Aid workers were they they brought those 2 American Docs back from Africa. Some of the images showed Plain Old Lab Coats .... with Open Sleeves and visible skin at the wrists.

    I wish I could get this in my inbox every day!

  2. You have to work with what you got. Some Hospitals are shiort on the very supplies they will need already.
    Making do is what people do, and it usually kills them.